We are located in Boston just south of Fenway Park and north of Beth Israel, Children's, and Brigham & Women hospitals. 

By public transit, take the Green Line to the Fenway stop, walk south through large parking lot in front of the large Landmark Center building.  Cross Boylston St. at the lights and continue walking straight down Park Drive, which is the pretty tree-lined street, with a sidewalk on the left side.  You will come to the church on the left, about a 5 minute walk total from the Fenway stop.  Or take the "E" Line to the Museum of Fine Arts stop, walk down the street which runs past the left side of the museum, then walk to your left along the wooded area near the river.  When you come to the area where the road crosses the river, you will be able to see the church.  About a 5 minute walk from the Museum stop. 

By car, drive to the Fenway Park area, locate the Star Market on Boylston St., and drive down the street between the Star Market and the Burger King restaurant (Kilmarnock St.) until the end, with the church parking lot on the right.